Selling Your House?

Providing up to date property information to your  Real Estate Agents is a great way to encourage  purchasers.

To assist Vendors, our property lawyers  provide property information packs to Vendors and their Real Estate Agents at no cost. This provides a  copy of your title plus a useful summary of easements,  restrictive covenants, leases, etc. and draws attention  to any particular legal features of the title.

The provision of an information pack is not a  substitute for purchasers obtaining their own  independent legal advice and a building inspection
clause and LIM report are recommended. As  members of the Property Law Section of the Law  Society, we follow the Best Practice Guidelines
recommending Vendors supply Property  Information Packs.

If you are listing your property for sale, contact  our property team for your complimentary  information pack, providing a full legal description and other legal aspects of your  property which your Real Estate Agent can  provide to prospective purchasers.