Trusts, Estate Planning and Elder Law

Trusts, estate planning and elder law helps you protect your assets and secure your future. It has always been an integral part of our practice to advise families about trusts, asset protection, estate administration and succession planning.

Our comprehensive understanding of our clients’ needs comes from a breadth of experience across a wide field of real life situations. Every family is different and needs a different approach to asset protection and individual welfare in old age.


A family trust helps you to protect your assets from the risk of debts or liabilities in the future. They also allow you to distribute your assets to family members. Once you put your assets into a trust, they become trust assets. This can provide tax efficiencies and other benefits. It’s important to get specialised legal advice to find out if a trust is right for your circumstances.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is a process for managing and legally formalising what happens to your estate at death. It can involve several legal processes, typically drawing up a will, and also trusts, probates, powers of attorney or directives for care.

Elder Law

Elder Law is specialised legal advice specifically for seniors. As we live longer, our needs change, so Elder Law helps you to manage those changes. It can include your will, enduring powers of attorney, downsizing your home, buying into a retirement village, moving into a rest home or getting residential care.

How we help

Our trust lawyers have extensive experience in all the aspects of these laws. We can help you to develop a plan that best suits your lifestyle now, anticipating how it may change into the future, protecting your assets for future generations.

Please contact us if we can be of assistance.

Areas of expertise:

  • Advising you if consent is required
  • Preparing Overseas Investment Office applications
  • Liaising with the Overseas Investment Office
  • Assisting investors with government approvals
  • Sales and purchase agreements
  • Fishing quotas