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Achieving successful commercial objectives involves collaborating with lawyers who understand your business, your commercial environment and your expectations for the future. Your lawyer should act as your business partner, offering advice to help you make better business decisions.

This requires people who can explain complex situations in plain English, provide dependable and accurate information, anticipate and manage risks, and develop solutions to get you a profitable outcome.

Since the introduction of the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015, employers, stakeholders and employees must ensure the standards of health and safety in the workplace don’t put people at risk while work is being carried out. This law now affects the vast majority of the workforce in New Zealand.

The Act places emphasis on greater accountability for employers and directors. The penalties for non-compliance range from potentially $50,000 to $3 million, including possible imprisonment, for serious breaches. If you’re a business owner, now more than ever, it’s critical to get accurate and timely legal advice about your health and safety obligations.

Commercial Maritime Law

For maritime business owners, we provide sound advice for the sale and purchase of vessels, registration, ownerships and other legal matters related to running your business.


If you’re facing a marine sector dispute, we have lawyers with extensive experience in the resolution of claims and the regulatory defence of prosecutions.


We stay at the forefront of any changes to legislation governing the maritime sector and can provide advice about how any changes will affect your business.

How we help

We’ll work with you to keep you up to date at all times about your health and safety obligations in your workplace. As the law is relatively new, we’re seeing a rapidly changing legal environment as prosecutions are made. We know failure to comply with the law has the potential to close a business.

Our lawyers are experienced in handling health and safety issues for a broad range of companies and organisations. Our expertise allows us to provide you with sound advice about the health and safety obligations of companies, their boards and senior management. If there is an accident in your workplace, you’ll need a rapid and coordinated response to any prosecution. We’ll act quickly to defend you if an incident occurs.

Please contact us if we can be of assistance.

Areas of expertise:

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