Local Government

Corporate and commercial law

Achieving successful commercial objectives involves collaborating with lawyers who understand your business, your commercial environment and your expectations for the future. Your lawyer should act as your business partner, offering advice to help you make better business decisions.

This requires people who can explain complex situations in plain English, provide dependable and accurate information, anticipate and manage risks, and develop solutions to get you a profitable outcome.

Councils and local government bodies face legal and political issues from many sources. They need strong and effective legal representation to make good decisions about the huge range of activities they govern from dog control to infrastructure.

Local governments have to operate in many legal environments, including The Local Government Act, Building Act, Public Works Act, Reserves Act and many others, many of which have idiosyncrasies in the legislation.

Regulatory enforcement

We can undertake prosecutions for the range of regulations councils and local governments are required to enforce from dog control to resource management.

Infrastructure and property

We provide specialist advice on all matters relating to roads, transport, utilities, and the sale and purchase or leasing of council property.

Rates resolutions

Rates are essential to fund council operations. If there are disputes, we can provide effective advice to get a resolution.

How we help

We provide the public sector with accurate, timely and cost-effective advice about any issue. Councils and local governments operate in a complex legal environment with lots of red tape, so our primary aim is to keep our clients out of court to mitigate further delays to their activities.

Our lawyers are experienced in risk management, mediation, arbitration and solving problems. We also help councils with internal issues such as employment agreements, restructuring and performance issues.

Please contact us if we can be of assistance.

Areas of expertise:

  • All legislation related to local government
  • Infrastructure, building and construction
  • Bylaws
  • Resource management and consents
  • Environmental law
  • Dog control
  • Rates issues
  • Prosecutions, litigation and dispute resolution
  • Privacy
  • Utilities, water and waste water
  • Public works
  • Property
  • Advice and representation