Banking and Finance

Corporate and commercial law

Achieving successful commercial objectives involves collaborating with lawyers who understand your business, your commercial environment and your expectations for the future. Your lawyer should act as your business partner, offering advice to help you make better business decisions.

This requires people who can explain complex situations in plain English, provide dependable and accurate information, anticipate and manage risks, and develop solutions to get you a profitable outcome.

Banking and finance law comes into play if you’re undertaking a complex financial transaction, developing a new financial product or looking for finance to expand your business. Support from lawyers is essential for risk management and to ensure the process runs smoothly.

The New Zealand economy is built on small to medium sized businesses. Many are family owned and operated businesses without an understanding of the risks and pitfalls of borrowing. Our expertise in this area of law will help you to make good decisions about the future of your company.

Legal advice

We provide legal advice to different parties across the financial sector, from banks to businesses, financial institutions, borrowers and security providers. There’s a good reason why banks always advise you to speak with your lawyer before you sign any agreement. That’s because your lawyer’s job is to help you understand what you’re signing, advise you of the risks and offer alternative solutions if available.

How we help

No matter how you’re involved in the financial sector, we provide sound advice to help you conduct your financial transaction as efficiently as possible. Our lawyers will guide you through the process, help you to manage risks and find practical solutions.

Please contact us if we can be of assistance.

How we help

We provide legal advice for a wide range of overseas investment transactions, including buying a holiday home right through to significant purchases of property or businesses. With the changes to overseas investment laws in New Zealand, it’s important to get specialised legal assistance to ensure your transaction is managed smoothly.

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Areas of expertise:

  • Borrowing and security
  • Corporate and acquisition finance
  • Project finance
  • Structured and asset-based finance
  • Property and construction finance
  • Consumer finance
  • Financial services regulation