Exit Strategies for Small Business

After many years of developing a business, the proprietors will inevitably arrive  at a stage when they wish to plan an exit strategy which will maximise the value of their business to them for their retirement.

There are about 325,000  small to medium sized enterprises in New Zealand. The average age of business  owners in New Zealand is 58 years old. 40% of those owners plan to sell their business within the next 5 years.

Maximising the value of your business may  involve important considerations such as retaining your essential staff, securing  your market position, securing your suppliers, and franchise agreements.

For  specialist advice, Vicki Lawson at Price Waterhouse Coopers (ph 06 833 3712)  is able to assist you in grooming your business for sale.

Our commercial team  are able to provide detailed advice in respect of the conditions of sale, transfers  of leases and other contractual commitments including staff.

Call us at an early stage to ensure that your sale process is documented  correctly.